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What are the best vitamins for athletes?

Jul 21 2020


In carrying oxygen to muscles, iron helps red blood cells, says Sumbal, for improved endurance, which is critical. According to...

How addictive are steroids?

Jul 20 2020

An undetermined percentage of steroid users may develop impaired steroid use. Violations associated with the use of psychoactive substances are determined by prolonged use, despite the adverse effects; for steroid users, this can be physical or psychological problems, such as breast growth (in men), sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure, excessive amounts of fats in the blood, heart disease,...

5 tips for buying steroids online

Jul 19 2020

Before buying steroids online you should remember a few important things:

Real steroid brands and products such as (Anavar, Deca Durabolin, Dianabol, Testosterone, etc.) are not cheap, and the pursuit of cheap and real anabolic steroids can be a trap at the same time!

Please note that all genuine steroid brands make a lot of efforts to produce high-quality and...

What are 3 types of steroids?

Jul 17 2020

Steroids are 3 types of hormones:
1. Anabolic androgenic steroids - such as testosterone that builds muscle and
masculinize (hair, deep voice, sex).
2. Glucocorticosteroids - such as cortisone or prednisone that are anti-inflammatory or
immunosuppressants used in edema, rash, asthma, or bronchitis.
3. Mineralocorticosteroids - such as vasopressin that is...

How to use steroids? Tips for beginners

Jul 16 2020

What are the top steroids for steroid cycles?

If this is your first time encountering steroids, it is best to start with oral steroids such as: Dianabol, Anavar or Anadrol. A good choice to start your first steroid infusion is Dianabol. You can find more information about the substance Dianabol here. No painful injections, such as Deca Durabolin, but at the same time, excellent and...

What steroids are made of?

Jul 13 2020

Steroids can be determined by their chemical structure. We see that steroids are organic compounds that contain four rings of carbon atoms. In particular, we see that all steroids have three 6-sided carbon rings and one 5-sided carbon ring.
However, different steroids have different functional groups. Recall that functional groups are groups of atoms that we often find together that have...

How can you tell if someone is taking steroids?

Jul 10 2020

Let's start with the obvious: it's easy to determine if someone is using steroids successfully.

The clearest difference between users and non-users. Steroids predominantly increase the size of the muscles that attach to the shoulder joints: latissimus, trapezius, pectoralis, deltoid muscles and shoulders. (Interestingly, here the steroid acne most often appears.)

A guy...

Do steroids make you angry?

Jul 7 2020

Steroids (technically known as anabolic steroids) work by mimicking the hormone testosterone, which causes most of the changes that boys experience during puberty, including a deeper voice and increased muscle mass.
Studies have shown a clear link between testosterone and aggression. In general, hormones - the chemical messengers of the body - work by attaching to target cells and...

Do most bodybuilders take steroids? A Few Facts You Should Know About This

Jul 5 2020

99% of professional bodybuilders use some form of steroid, like a large number of professional athletes of any sport.

Most people look at the massive monsters of today and think that bodybuilders are crazy gym addicts who abuse steroids, because it is in the sport / discipline of bodybuilding that it is obvious that they use them, and this is not so obvious in other sports.

The effects of steroids

Jul 3 2020

How can steroids make you feel?
Steroids can cause various psychological effects - from euphoria to hostility. Some people who take steroids say that drugs make them feel strong and energetic. However, steroids are also known to increase irritability, anxiety and aggression and cause mood swings, manic symptoms and paranoia, especially when taken in high doses.
High doses,...

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